We nurture cultural diversity in Norwegian organizations by highlighting skilled immigrants and engaging relevant stakeholders

Our Tools of Engagement

Inter-Nationals operates on the basic principle that it takes two to tango. On the one hand we engage with educated and ambitious immigrants, whom we often refer to as plug and play because they require little or no training to start contributing economically and intellectually to society, and on the other hand we engage with businesses and other public stakeholders who have the influence and power to improve cultural diversity in professional working life.

We engage using the following tools:

A Letter To…

This initiative encourages your voice to be heard and for you to play a part in influencing public policies.

By raising awareness and offering solutions rather than simply presenting problems, we hope to bring about real changes for (skilled) immigrants in Norway.

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Meet the Stakeholders

We use interview as a tool to highlight individuals, projects and organizations whose influence and efforts have led to the initiation and implementation of measures that improve economic and social access for skilled immigrants in Norway.

By so doing, we believe we can spur others to action.

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Events and Trainings

We organize trainings and events that enrich your experiences and career acceleration as an international professional in Norway.

For organizations, we can help you design strategies needed to grow, manage and maximize culturally diverse teams.

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Global Lineup

Through this talent pool, we make it easier for Norwegian organizations and startups to build global teams using locally available international talents in Norway.

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A Letter To… Statistics Norway and NAV

There is a consensus that even though Norway has one of the lowest employment rates among EU and OECD countries, the unemployment rate is highest in the immigrant population (5.2%, Q2 2019) compared to the general population (1.5%, Q2 2019). Is it probable that one of the reasons why there are few targeted policies is that the SSB and NAV statistics are not granular enough. Is there a need for NAV and SSB to provide more informative unemployment reports?

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Is Equal Employment Opportunity Enough?

A quick glance into the Corporate Social Responsibility report of many organizations shows that almost all of them have a diversity and inclusion section, which often includes statements about being an equal opportunity organization. Equal opportunity’ could mean many things that range from being just a trendy statement to actual actions that create the possibility of equal opportunities. Is equal opportunity enough? When is equal opportunities enough?

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Collaborating to shift perspectives

We collaborate with industry partners to change the perspectives and contribute to introducing involuntarily employed immigrants to the job market. We are also supoorted by public and private organisations.

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The Beauty of the World
lies in the Diversity
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Want to Create an Impact?

Inter-National collaborates with individuals, organizations and donors with an aligned goal of nurturing cultural diversity and better utilizing Norway’s international talents.

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